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We help you take control and manage your risk


Risks that affect business processes such as change management and business continuity. These are key to ensure your organisation runs smoothly.

Compliance & Regulatory

Risks associated to compliance, to regulatory and legal requirements. The approach has to be assessed and tailored over time to manage them.


Risks relating to the financial reporting that would impact the accuracy and completeness of the figures. These risk range from process to enterprise level.

Information & Technology

Software and hardware are a major pillar for all companies. Therefore it needs to be managed securely and efficiently to properly support the business and enable a competitive advantage.

Our vision

Our context driven methodology delivers solutions to your situation. We achieve results together.

Reach for the stars

At Olymp Advisors we climb mountains to make sure that your dreams and ambitions are realised. We believe in excellence and support businesses to exceed their expectations. We reach out for stars but our feet are firmly routed on the ground, ensuring a stable growth can reach astronomical heights.

Context is for kings

We believe that context is key. Without a deep understanding of location, product, size and market; solutions are just another square peg in a round hole. This is why we take a holistic and context based approach to everything we do. We identify and implement solutions unique to your business that maximise efficiency, sustainability and gains.

Think big, listen small

Listening, Understanding and empathising are the three building blocks of success; Whether clients, consumers or colleagues, people matter.
At Olymp Advisors we elevate the potential in Your people, ensuring interconnected frameworks to formulate real world solutions. We achieve deep cohesion by taking a humanistic approach to the problem-solving process.

Our values

To accompany you, we remain very close to our 5 values

We know your business is unique. One size fits all means one size fits no-one. Generic solutions are the enemy of success. That is why at Olymp Advisors, we deep dive into your company, industry and systems to ensure that together we achieve results that are designed to your capacity, vision and values.

We work in collaboration with you, your management and operation teams to transform and improve your business. Together we work to create value with an integrated approach, enabling us to meet your organisations objectives. We customise all our programmes in line with your organisation’s needs and facilitate your employees to obtain the results themselves.

We believe in People. We strive to take a human-centred approach to business; Efficiency is meaningless without integrating the emotional needs of your colleagues, clients and consumers. Our methods fuse people with purpose to establish long term sustainable results.

Without failure we can not grow. Without a risk there is never a reward. Thats why at Olymp Advisors we push boundaries to exceed our clients expectations. With boldness comes great responsibility and making sure retrospective learning is incorporated into our process, is a quintessential part of our ethos. With each day comes new surprises and with each set of new data we realign for new challenges. We are agile in the face of adversity.

We believe in what we do with a deep commitment to every step of the process. You are not a client, we are partners. Our success is measured only by your success. Thats why we stand on the promise to deliver sustainable, measurable and most importantly, repeatable results. We stand by our record.


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